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Reefing Hook

Reefing Hook

TDS REEFING HOOK | Removes caulk or other flexible materials from seams

This tool is for removing caulk or other sealants from a seam. A razor knife should be used to free the caulk from the sides of the seam. The reefing hook will remove most of the caulking, leaving minimal material for final hand sanding – with the TDS Seam Sander.

  • Specially designed, stainless steel construction
  • Comfort-fitting rubber handle
  • Specially designed for long service

Reefing Hook $45.00 Sorry currently OUT OF STOCK


Seam Sander

Seam Sander

TDS SEAM SANDER | Sands seam sides before caulking seams.

Designed for vertical sanding of the sides of seams to remove old material before re-caulking, the TDS Seam Sander ensures the best possible preparation for new caulk to bond to the teak. Use it to remove final residue of caulking, leaving a totally clean surface for the new caulk to bond to.


  • Specially designed and constructed for long service life
  • Professional in ease and speed of operation
  • Made of the finest quality steel and hardwood
  • Manufactured with a comfortable smooth grip
  • Adjustable depth sanding surface – from 5mm to 22mm (3/16″ – 7/8″)
  • Kit consists of handle, sanding surface & six sanding pads
  • Additional sanding pads available or use your own “self-stick” abrasive pads



Pneumatic Caulk Gun

Pneumatic Caulk Gun

SAUSAGE CAULKING GUN | Re-caulks using sausages

SIS440 Deck Caulk is also available in 20 oz sausages. The sausage takes a special caulk gun, which TDS offers to make sure you are able to enjoy the convenience and earth-friendly packaging of the caulk sausage.

  • High quality
  • Faster for large jobs
  • Less changing out of cartridges
  • Better for the environment
  • All that’s left is a small round disk

Sausage Caulking Gun $450.00 [SORRY OUT OF STOCK]

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