How to order your new teak deck

Please contact us either by phone – 0418 954 010 or email – and we will arrange to meet you at your boat with our measuring equipment.

After the measurements are taken (normally allow around 1 hour for an average 10 sqm deck) we will provide an estimate of the cost.

Next, we send you a quotation with a computer aided drawing of the layout of the planned teak deck.   A cardboard template is computer cut and brought back to the boat for a final check.

The teak deck building process then begins.  The teak battens are selected and prepared before being adhered to the substrate.  Once the teak has been secured to the substrate, the caulking is applied to the seams and left to cure for a minimum of 48 hours.  Once the caulking is cured, the teak deck is then CNC cut to match the template exactly.

The teak deck panels are then machine sanded several times to ensure an even smooth finish and are ready to be installed.  The whole process takes around 2-3 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the deck .

Please click on the images below to view the process.


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